How We Help

affordable housing richmondFew things have a greater effect on quality of life than one’s home and neighborhood. At Better Housing Coalition (BHC), we address both of these needs. How we go about it can vary from one community to the next; what doesn’t vary are the underlying tenets of our approach:

  • Collaborate with other groups to accomplish more. Learn more.
  • Revitalize whole communities for a larger impact. Learn more.
  • Build in a high quality, eco-friendly manner. Learn more.
  • Make affordable beautiful, too. Learn more.
  • Provide social services to sustain revitalization. Learn more.

Community revitalization does more for more people.

community revitalization richmondAt BHC, ours is not a here-a-home, there-a-home approach to providing affordable housing. Our commitment is on a larger scale, for the long-term, across multiple and simultaneous fronts. It has to be. Turning around a struggling neighborhood is a complex undertaking. But as every BHC community reveals in its own distinct way, the effort is more than worth it, both for those who live in our communities and those who live nearby.

Twin forces for change

Affordable homes and apartments coupled with market-rate housing can accelerate a community’s rebirth into a healthy, self-sustaining, mixed-income neighborhood.


Whenever the opportunity exists to include commercial and retail space, childcare or senior centers or other mixed uses that can help a community thrive, BHC builds them into the plan.

Economic development

When new and refurbished homes and commercial spaces spring up, private developers often take notice and enter the neighborhood to invest, too.

Senior communities

BHC builds new and adaptive-use facilities that meet the special needs of seniors on low, fixed-incomes, allowing them to age in familiar, comfortable surroundings.