Affordable is Beautiful

Affordable means beautiful as well.

For change for the better to last, affordable housing must be architecturally appropriate for the community and have the curbside appeal of attractive market-rate housing. BHC takes a thorough yet flexible approach on several fronts.

Identify what works best

Each community’s needs are distinct. When the availability of real estate in a neighborhood presents us with an opportunity, we consult residents for their thoughts and ideas to determine the best course of action. Collaboration with current residents is a routine practice that results in better solutions.

New homes, apartments, and other buildings

When we have vacant land or structures too dilapidated to resurrect, we build new houses or multi-family residences that fit their surroundings. The design of every new and refurbished BHC home is developed to fit beautifully into its particular neighborhood, yet built to today’s highest standards.


Award-winning Historic Tax Credit Project in Manchester - 1428 Bainbridge Before and After

If a property is structurally sound, we rehabilitate it. Working with what’s already there is the greenest way to renew a blighted community and to help it maintain its unique character.


If we can convert a commercial or manufacturing building into a new use to meet a housing need, or refurbish it to bring commercial and retail activity back to a neighborhood, we do it.