“Coalition” is an important part of our name.

Revitalizing communities takes a group effort. It’s a big one. The complexity and scale of the work demands ongoing collaboration by many partners – individuals and organizations – which we encourage and manage as part of our mission.

Wide-ranging alliances

To revitalize communities, BHC partners with financial and commercial organizations, public agencies, fellow non-profits, private individuals, grassroots community leaders, and builders and developers. We welcome their resources and ideas. Most of all, we welcome their help.

Ours is a shared success

BHC is a nationally recognized award-winning non-profit organization and leader in developing affordable workforce housing in the Richmond, VA, region. While we’re proud of our leadership role, a large share of the credit for our success goes to all the caring and committed groups and people who help us turn the possibility of high quality, affordable housing into a reality.