Center for Neighborhood Revitalization

In January 2011, Better Housing Coalition welcomed the addition of Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods to our team as BHC’s newly created Center for Neighborhood Revitalization (CNR). Under the BHC umbrella, CNR has continued the Alliance’s programs focused on historic property preservation – including workshops on renovation lending, renovation contracting, and historic tax credits, as well as its Option Property Program which helps put vacant and abandoned buildings back into productive use.

better housing coalitionCNR  promotes to individuals of all income levels the purchase and renovation of vacant and abandoned properties and advocates for the preservation of the cultural and historic assets that gives these old neighborhoods their unique character.  To this end, CNR serves as a clearinghouse for information on how to acquire, finance, and/or renovate a property.  While primarily focused on neglected buildings, CNR also encourages new commercial and residential development consistent with the historic character of communities.

By working with other organizations, engaging public support, and leveraging assets, CNR facilitates the preservation of more buildings and neighborhoods than its own resources might allow.  CNR works to restore vitality to historically important urban areas and thereby improve the quality of life for all Richmonders.

CNR supports BHC’s efforts of building and rehabilitating single-family homes.  For information about our current home ownership opportunities, click here.


CNR helps preserve Richmond’s historic homes.