Community Social Work Activities

Thanks to the generosity of donors, BHC is able to provide a wide array of programs to enrich the lives of children, adults and seniors in our communities.  In addition to intergenerational crafts and college tours, our Community Social Work Staff are managing a full roster of activities.

At Winchester Greens, the youth decorated the community center and trimmed a tree, and learned the joys of untangling tree lights. They take pride in “their” center, whether through decorating or monthly cleaning activities. They also have a monthly crafts event, too.

A specialist from the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Smart Choice Nutrition Education program taught an evening class for adults and shared tips on healthy eating. Together they made some low-fat chili and gave very positive feedback on the program.

Resident volunteers and staff organized the annual Thanksgiving dinner for program participants. The kids always look forward to this, and if their parents aren’t able to attend, they make sure another adult “adopts” them for the evening.

In partnership with Boy Scouts of America, about 13 active scouts continue to meet weekly. They were active in popcorn sales this fall, designed a flag for their unit and presented arms at the Thanksgiving dinner.

On Dec. 10, Boys to Men of Richmond started a weekly program for males age 13 and up.  We are eager to see the maturation process of the teens under the mentorship of adult role models.