Green building benefits the environment, the community and the monthly effecient homes richmond va

All housing, including affordable housing, should be built in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment, both during construction and after. When green refurbishing and building practices also make a home healthier and more affordable to live in, then that home helps to sustain itself – and by extension, its neighborhood.

Eco-smart materials and building practices

At every opportunity, we use eco-smart materials in BHC homes for lower environmental impact. Many of our homebuilding materials and furnishings fit this description. The use of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) carpet and paint helps to ensure healthy air quality. And landscaping with drought-resistant native plants minimizes water usage.

Energy-efficient designs

BHC homes exceed EarthCraft standards. Installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, energy efficient windows and lighting, and blown cellulose insulation are standard practice for BHC homes. So, too, is the use of durable cement-board siding and tankless water heaters. Reduced energy usage means reduced utility bills for our owners and residents.