Gwen Corley Creighton


Corley Creighton Associates, LLC

Gwen Corley Creighton has a passion for efforts focused on the revitalization of our more challenged communities that are driven from the inside out by leveraging the community’s social capital, assets and strengths. She founded and has been the Lead Consultant of Corley Creighton Associates, LLC since 1989.  Her clients have included corporations, small businesses, nonprofit and government entities for whom she provides organizational and community capacity building through strategic planning, project management and organizational development services.

Gwen has a M.Ed. in Organizational Development from VCU and a B.A. in languages from Virginia State University.

Though she grew up in Akron, Ohio, she calls Richmond home where she and her husband of 47 years, Garland Creighton, have lived.  They have three wonderful children and five beautiful granddaughters.