b'Our Dreams for the FutureAS TOLD BY YOUNG BHC LEADERS IN TRAINING We have to stop the gunI want Richmond to comeI want our city to be cleaner, violence, this is very big for me.together as a family, atheres too much trash. I want We need to make sure our kidscommunity. It seems younghomeless people off the streets.are safer. I also want homes forkids are getting into violenceI want the gun violence gone. homeless people.too easily. We need to stop theThere should be more activities I want my (future) kids to knowviolence and have love for eachfor kids, and affordable day care. they can do anything. All my life,other and care for each other. Education can be better. Some people have said I cant do thingsWe can do this by not thinkingschools dont teach you all you because of a learning disability,too much about negative thingsneed to know. This hurts the kids but I can do them. I dont wantsomeone does to you. Have ain that school because kids in other my kids to be told they cant dopositive mindset, and put moreschools get way ahead. Everyone anything. I only want them topositivity out in the world. Adults,should be learning the same hear good things. act as good role models for youth. things in schools everywhere.Raven Thompson, 19 Shamel Green, 16Shaniya Shaw, 15School: John Marshall HighSchool: Franklin Military AcademySchool: Hermitage High Hopes to be a photographer Hopes to attend Old Dominion University Hopes to attend Virginia TechWe need less violence. People areTheres too much trash beingStop speeding and running red dying every day. Its not normal. thrown around. Go outsidelights! Cars should be careful We need to start talking to eachand pick it up! where people are walking.other, instead of killing eachKids, make good grades. GrowIf theres an emergency, call 9-1-1, other over stupid things. up to be good people. Dontor a doctor.Tash Kendrick, 15 curse or smoke. Dont copy theI want my kids to have a good job, School: John Marshall Highviolence you see. Go to college,to make money and live where Hopes to attend University of Connecticut get a good education. Get athey want to.good job, be a good person.Alaura, 10 Shakiya, 9Ginter Park Elementary School: Linwood Holton ElementaryBetter Homes. Better Communities. Better Lives. | 15'