b'LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN & CEOFighting Poverty Brick by Brick30 Were happy YEARS AGO, gas sold for 96 cents a gallon. A loaf of bread was 61 cents andto say that our movie tickets were an expensive fourproactive eviction dollars. There was no such thing as craft beer in Richmond; there were national brands, for example,prevention Budweiser, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Miller. program resulted Banks like Signet, Central Fidelity, Crestar andin a nearly 20% Sovran dotted the cityscape. We bought gifts atreduction in Best Products, and clothes at Miller & Rhoads andevictions overThalhimers. We shopped for groceries at Ukropsbut not on Sunday. We went to Circuit City forthe previous year.technology (and by the way, we did this shopping in person). From left: President & CEO Greta Harris, Speaking of technology, there were no MacBooks,co-founder Carter no iPads. The laptop weighed 14 pounds and costMcDowell, and Board almost $5,000out of reach for most consumers.Chair R. Wheatley Likewise, the cellular phone weighed almost twoMcDowell.pounds and cost $2,500. For that price, it did one thing: call other people. So much has changed! None of these accomplishments would have been One thing that hasnt changed is the need for morepossible without the help of our many service affordable housing for families of modest means.partners, our public, corporate and foundation BHC is honored to have played a part in building,funders, and individual donors and friends. Thank you.maintaining, and advocating for this since ourIts important to take a look back, but not linger humble beginnings with three staff members 30too long. We are nearing the end of a three-year years ago. Since that time, we have grown to a staffstrategic plan designed to strengthen staff and of 75; served 15,000 residents; invested a total ofresources, and prepare us for growth. Now, we $250 million in real estate developments acrossturn our gaze to the next five years, in which we Greater Richmond; and now return $835,000 in realfocus on building our real estate portfolio through estate taxes every year to the local economy. a combination of acquisition and new construction. We know our work is important because we seeWith each new development comes more residents, the results of our efforts. In 2018, 1,023 residentsand more opportunities to serve.took part in our free resident services programs,As we look to the next 30 years, were excited about aimed at better economic and physical security forthe possibilities, and our partners of tomorrow who our families. Were happy to say that our proactivewill get us there. We hope you are too. Thank you so eviction prevention program resulted in a nearlymuch for your support for and commitment to our 20% reduction in evictions over the previousworkyou are making a huge difference in the lives year. This is good for family stabilization, as wellof our fellow neighbors.as for business. Our educational and vocational services for youth and adults have resulted in moreSincerely,residents attendingand staying inschool; and getting higher-paying jobs. Our seniors are eating better and living longer due to their participation in our health and wellness programs.R. Wheatley McDowell Greta J. HarrisBHC BOARD CHAIR BHC PRESIDENT & CEOBetter Homes. Better Communities. Better Lives. | 3'