b'FIRST MULTI-FAMILY DEVELOPMENTCary 2000Told by T.K. SomanathBetter Housing Coalition President & CEO 1989 - 2013This was our first major development. It was an exciting day which I think the picture shows. These blocks were tough - the homes were run down, there was a lot of drug trafficking there. At the stoplight on that corner, people slowed down but didnt stop because of the illegal activities. The neighbors were tired of the crime, and we worked hand in hand with them to plan the development.My hope and vision for the future: For Carter(McDowell)andIorganizedtheneighbors.(ProRichmond to be an inclusive and diverse FootballHallofFamer)WillieLanierhelpedusagreatcity, offering opportunities for all residents deal. He grew up in that neighborhood and knew many ofatallagestoachievegreatereconomic the residents. He knocked on doors with us. We receivedcapacityandhealthoutcomesthrough strong opposition from adjoining neighborhoods, becauseaccesstosafeandaffordablehousing, they were afraid of what we were doing. We were ultimatelyeducation, health care and transportation.successfulbecausewehadsuchgoodsupportfromtheAdvice for future leaders: First, have a residents,MayorKenney,SenatorMarshandCouncilmanvision. Vision is important. Do the work Richardson.Thetransformationofthoseblocksreallyfrom the bottom up. If you have strong became the catalyst for the revitalization of Cary Street, allgrassroots support, you can overcome a the way to VCU. lot of obstacles.6| Better Housing Coalition'