b'JEFFERSON MEWS FACTS:Location: Church Hill, RichmondDescription: 29 affordable townhomes for rent and 12 for sale (Phase I)Cost: $2.75 MillionTold by Greta Harris Partners: City of Richmond, VHDA, DHCD, National Equity FundBHC President & CEO, 2013 - Present Total Church Hill Investment To-date: I was working for LISC at the time. It was super hot that day,$52.9 millioneveryone was sweating. We were in the parking lot of Jefferson Mews, which was the first and largest example of resident-led community revitalization north of Broad Street; and the kickoff of BHCs 25-year love affair with the Church Hill community.Thewomanintheflowereddresswasaresidentofthe development. She said, The last years of my life will be the best years of my life, because I get to live in a place like this. Her statement still resonates with me today.Hopes for the future: Id like to see the ideals that America was founded on to be realized. That includes access to opportunity, liberty, and justicefor all citizens.To our future leaders, I would say:Everyhumanbeinghas value. Trust your inner compass, and do the right thing.Better Homes. Better Communities. Better Lives. | 9'