23rd Street in Church Hill: Then and Now

A recent post on Church Hill People’s News features two photos of the 1100 block of N. 23rd Street in Church Hill – one taken in 1998, and the other taken today, six years after BHC’s renovation of 1111 N. 23rd Street.  They provide a great illustration of the catalytic effect that one home can have on another.   Click here to view the post.

Better Housing Coalition Working to Renovate Church Hill
1111 N. 23rd Street after renovation by BHC

“Restoring one vacant or abandoned home can lead to the transformation of an entire neighborhood block,” said Lane Pearson, Program Director of BHC’s Center for Neighborhood Revitalization.  “In the long term, the removal of blight is essential for reducing crime and creating vibrant, healthy communities.”

BHC’s Center for Neighborhood Revitalization holds a variety of educational workshops that give you the tools you need to fix a historic home in disrepair.