BHC Providing Emergency Shelter for Domestic Abuse Victims

The Better Housing Coalition hasemergency shelter entered into a partnership with the YWCA of Richmond to help shelter local victims of domestic and sexual violence. Through the partnership, BHC is allocating six furnished apartments to be used as safe, emergency housing by clients of the YWCA’s Domestic and Sexual Abuse programs

Until now, the YWCA offered victims a communal shelter that houses up to 30 individuals. By offering housing in private apartments, the YWCA will be able to support women in need who don’t use their services because they do not want to go into a communal shelter.

Mary Kay Huss, vice president of asset management for the Better Housing Coalition, said, “A big part of our mission is changing lives, and safe, affordable housing is the platform to stabilize lives and spark the change. We applaud the YWCA’s forward-thinking plan and are proud to support women in need through this program.”

The YWCA received a $100,000 grant from Impact 100 to make this new housing service possible.

To read more about the program, the grant, and the partnership, see this Richmond Times Dispatch column.