Lissyland Brings Joy to Young Residents of Lincoln Mews

Better Housing Coalition is pleased to honor Lissy Bryan for her service as Chair of the BHC Board of Directors through the dedication of Lissyland, the new playground at Lincoln Mews!   For all the lives of young people Lissy has changed over the years, BHC felt that naming a playground for her would be a fitting way to say ‘thank you’.

The cold weather hasn't stopped children from gathering to play after school!
The playground features a variety of fun equipment.
Lissyland is adjacent to the newly-constructed Community Center.
John McCann presents Lissy Bryan with the dedication of Lissyland.

After eleven years as Chair, Lissy has retired from the position while continuing to serve on the board as Immediate Past Chair.  John McCann, who has been a devoted member of the board for seven years, is BHC’s new Chair.  BHC completed the installation of Lissyland at Lincoln Mews in January 2011.


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