Realizing Dreams at Every Age

Did you know that affordable housing can be a launching pad to achieving dreams? It’s true! Once the worry over not being able to pay the rent every month is removed, residents feel freer to think about their hopes and dreams for the future, and explore how to achieve them. This is the case with Delsa, a Better Housing Coalition resident who found housing stability at a BHC rental community, and so much more!

She shares her story and photo here to illustrate how BHC’s housing and programs help residents achieve greater economic, health and educational outcomes:

Image of Delsa, an African-American woman, smiling and holding up her Dean's List certificate from Reynolds Community College
Delsa showing her Deans List certificate from Reynolds Community College

Hello, my name is Delsa. I live in a BHC rental community. I’m writing to tell you two things: 1) BHC is helping me change my life; and 2) Your donations make it possible for BHC to help me, and other residents like me. Thank you!

Four years ago, I moved to a BHC community because I could not afford the rent and utilities where I was living. Once I found housing stability, I began to focus on what I wanted for my future. Having overcome substance abuse and homelessness, I would like to help others who need hope and support.

I enrolled in BHC’s jobs training program, and met one-on-one with Kristen, my career navigator, who helped me understand the importance of setting goals. Kristen also encouraged me to dream big, and make big plans. So I did. And in three years, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible:

  • earned a BHC Founders’ Scholarship award
  • enrolled in Reynolds Community College
  • made the Dean’s List
  • improved my credit score
  • bought a car
  • received a Peer Recovery Specialist certification, and got my first job in the counseling field

Next month, I will get an Associate’s Degree in Human Services from Reynolds. I start classes in January at Bluefield College, and will soon have my undergraduate degree. Then, I can become a substance abuse counselor, and achieve one of my dreams.

At almost 60 years old, my BIG dream is to purchase my first home. I am proof that it’s never too late to change your life and make your dreams come true, especially with a little help and encouragement.

Will you give a gift to BHC this year?  You too can be a dream weaver and life changer!




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