The Amazing Raise Rolls Out Sep. 18-19


Image of dogs performing a trick


Everyone knows 30 days has September

But it’s the 18th and 19th that you must remember!

‘Tis then The Amazing Raise will unfold

A 36-hour race for prizes untold.


These doggies thought that it might be droll

To perform for you a trick barrel roll,

And help us win one of the big bonus prizes

(Towards which each 50 buck gift qualifies us.)


Nearly 600 local NPO’s will compete

For your undivided attention, which would be so sweet.

It’s a challenge to develop an effective appeal,

Thus our furry friends are hoping to close the deal.


During this Raise, won’t you give us a lift?

You might even win our surprise mystery gift!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first little clue,

Please save those two dates, whatever you do!


(First clue: it does not come with a puppy inside)



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