3HC Launches Jefferson Pocket Park Design Competition

Pocket Park Jefferson Ave3HC, BHC’s junior board is spearheading a design competition for the Jefferson Avenue pocket park located adjacent to BHC’s Jefferson Mews community on Jefferson Avenue in Church Hill. Submit your design for beautification of this prominent green space, and you may win a $500 prize. All submissions will be considered by a local panel of judges, who will announce the winning design at a public event on Thursday, October 30th at the East District Family Resource Center at 2405 Jefferson Avenue. Deadline for design submissions is 5 p.m. October 17.

The Jefferson Pocket Park competition aims to beautify and transform the Jefferson Avenue corridor into a cherished, environmentally friendly community space focusing on the triangular plot of land at 2221 Jefferson Avenue in Richmond. The Better Housing Coalition (BHC) and BHC’s junior board have collaborated with Storefront for Community Design, Friends of Jefferson Park, and the Enrichmond Foundation to support the competition and development of the pocket park.

Visit the website for entry guidelines and additional information. The goal is to submit a final design to appropriate City departments by Spring 2015, with fundraising to commence soon after. Installation is slated for 2016. Questions? Send an e-mail here.

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