Stay Home RVA

Richmond’s First Non-Event Gala

Friday, March 24, 2023

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Support Housing Stability with 3 Simple Steps:

1) Stay Home
2) Enjoy the Time/Money Saved by Not Attending an Event
3) Champion Affordable Housing by Donating to Stay Home RVA!

Your participation is crucial. Your attendance is not!

This year’s theme is “Magic,” as in the magic BHC residents make happen every day on a tight budget. Watch the video and see what we mean – and how, with your help, Better Housing Coalition is there to support BHC families and senior residents when they most need it.
What is Stay Home RVA? Stay Home RVA is Richmond’s FIRST non-event gala to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in our region. Stay home on Friday, March 24th, relax, and donate what you would normally spend going to an in-person gala event to the Better Housing Coalition.

Every dollar supports families and seniors in your community!

Why should I support Stay Home RVA? With repercussions from mass job losses and wage reductions, the health pandemic laid bare the housing stability crisis that continues to threaten our lower-income neighbors. You can’t shelter in place without a shelter! BHC is working to change that by providing more than 2,700 families and senior residents high-quality, healthy homes and crucial support services so they can flourish.

By supporting Stay Home RVA, you’re investing dollars that make a difference!

There are perks for participating, too – every Stay Home RVA donor receives access to our virtual swag bag containing coupons with discount codes for special RVA experiences!

And by the way, 100% of your “ticket purchase” is tax-deductible.


Many thanks to these business partners who support service-enriched, affordable housing in their communities!