Stay Home RVA

Richmond’s First Non-Event Gala

Friday, April 12th, 2024

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Support Housing Stability with 3 Simple Steps:

1) Stay Home
2) Enjoy the Time/Money Saved by Not Attending an Event
3) Champion Affordable Housing by Donating to Stay Home RVA!

Your participation is crucial. Your attendance is not!

Stay Home RVA’s theme is weather-related this year,
because we believe that, regardless of the forecast, we can always rely on the support of our community! Thanks to your generosity, our residents can weather life’s everyday storms with greater resilience.

As our Emcee NBC12 Meteorologist Andrew Freiden puts it, we are hopeful for a flood of generosity in the weeks leading up and the day of April 12. Click below to watch Andrew’s breaking weather alert, and learn how you can change stormy skies to sunny days for BHC families and senior residents through your support of Stay Home RVA.

What is Stay Home RVA? Now in its 7th year, Stay Home RVA is Richmond’s FIRST non-event gala to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in our region. Stay home on Friday, April 12th, relax, and donate what you would normally spend going to an in-person gala event to the Better Housing Coalition.

Every dollar supports families and senior residents in your community!

Why should I support Stay Home RVA? With eviction rates and housing costs ever increasing across Greater Richmond, gaining and maintaining quality affordable housing can seem like an unattainable feat for those financially burdened. At BHC, we work to provide high-quality, healthy homes and crucial support services to help the 2,575 individuals living in a BHC rental community, regardless of their economic status, reach their fullest potential. Housing is the leading determinant for future economic, education, and employment success. Where you live can change your life.

By supporting Stay Home RVA, you’re investing dollars that make a difference!

But wait, there’s more!  Every Stay Home RVA donor receives access to our virtual swag bag containing fun activities for all ages to aid in a fun night at home, plus discount coupons for special RVA experiences! NEW in 2024: Anyone donating
$250 or more to Stay Home RVA – or setting up a new monthly gift – will receive a special gift from BHC to help you weather any upcoming storms!


And by the way, 100% of your “ticket purchase” is tax-deductible.


Many thanks to these generous business partners who support service-enriched, affordable housing in their communities!

logos of companies sponsoring Stay Home RVA eventSpecial thanks to these small businesses supporting Stay Home RVA: Discover Richmond Tours and RichWine RVA. Share the love and shop local!