Stay Home RVA

Richmond’s First Non-Event Gala

Support Affordable Housing with 3 Simple Steps:

1) Stay Home
2) Save Time/Money Spent on Attending Actual Gala
3) Support BHC’s Non-Event Gala

What Is Stay Home RVA? Stay Home RVA is Richmond’s FIRST non-event gala to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in our region. “Guests” directly donate an amount to BHC they would have spent attending an event. Instead of spending time away from their families and incurring the expense of going to a gala event, guests are encouraged to choose the day/time that works best with their schedules, and stay home and have dinner with their families, or throw a dinner party with friends.

2018 Results

Thanks to the great generosity of our Stay Home RVA sponsors and friends like you who are passionate about creating opportunities for more of our neighbors to thrive, BHC exceeded its goal of raising $50,000 in one week for affordable housing! Now, watch as your name scrolls across the Affordable Housing Ambassadors of Excellence screen.

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors: