Announcing the Center for Neighborhood Revitalization

As the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods folds into Better Housing Coalition on January 31, we welcome David Herring and Lane Pearson, Esq. to our team.  Through their work at the Alliance, established in 1998, David and Lane have been involved with saving and renovating numerous abandoned homes throughout the City.  Together, they will join BHC’s newly created Center for Neighborhood Revitalization.

The Center for Neighborhood Revitalization will capture the Alliance’s experience with historic property preservation by continuing its educational programs and consulting services under the BHC umbrella.

What does this move mean for residents of Richmond communities?

David Herring and Lane Pearson join BHC.

“Moving Richmond’s affordable housing climate forward often requires preserving its past,” said T.K. Somanath, president of BHC. “With the skills and knowledge the Alliance staff brings to the table, we can bolster our work to revitalize Richmond’s urban core featuring well designed, walkable developments that mix residential and  commercial uses, integrating the places we live, work and shop.”

BHC has sold 150 quality, affordable homes to first-time homebuyers, all consistent with the prevailing architecture of historic Richmond neighborhoods including Carver, Blackwell, and Church Hill.  BHC is excited at this opportunity to expand its services for prospective homeowners and increase the capacity of programs offered by the Alliance.

Click here to read an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about BHC and the Alliance coming together.


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