BHC welcomes first resident of Beckstoffer’s Mill Apartments

BHC is pleased to announce that its Beckstoffer’s Mill Apartments and Lofts are now open and ready to move in!   On January 13, we welcomed Edward Bolling as the community’s first resident.  Edward is an elementary school P.E. teacher who has become attached to Church Hill over the years.

Edward Bolling is presented with the keys to his new apartment.

“I really like the historic architecture in the neighborhood.  It’s also easy to access from downtown,” said Edward.

Edward says it was more than just the great location that drew him to Beckstoffer’s.  He looked all over Richmond for a quality apartment, and found this community to be the biggest bang for his buck.  He first heard about Beckstoffer’s in August 2011 when it was still under construction.  Now, after moving in, he believes it was worth the wait.

“This is the perfect place for me,” he said.  “I’ll enjoy living here and look forward to meeting my neighbors soon.”

Beckstoffer’s Mill offers modern, energy-efficient homes within the original structure of a historic lumber mill.  Occupying a block on N. 28th Street between R and S Streets, the community will serve as an anchor for further revitalization in the neighborhood.

Visit our Beckstoffer’s page for more information and photos.



  1. How wonderful! I’m so pleased, as Dad would
    be with this new re-invention of Beckstoffers

  2. I have applied for a handicapped apartment with BHC Beckstoffer’s Mill Lofts and Apartments. I am a former resident on 1319 North 28th Street, Richmond VA 23223 in 1953 until my geandmother Beatrice E. Minor moved to a senior highrise, 1980’s. I feel I am going home to my roots.

    1. Wow, Katrina! We are honored that you applied to live in our nearby loft apartments! Nice that you can live somewhere familiar. Thank you for choosing BHC.


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