Kristin Swanlund

Vice Chair

Capital One

Kristin Swanlund joined the Better Housing Coalition Board in 2023. Ms. Swanlund was appointed to the position of Vice President, Card Command Center at Capital One in January 2022. She also serves as Chief of Staff for the US Card line of business. Ms. Swanlund joined Capital One in 1999 and has worked in numerous functions within the company, including Commercial Bank, Card Partnerships, Small Business Card, and Workplace Solutions.

Ms. Swanlund’s professional focus has always been on solving large, complex business problems. At Capital One, she has led numerous technical transformations, portfolio conversions, and corporate integration efforts. She specializes in program management, change management, and helping organizations accomplish difficult objectives.

Kristin earned her BA in English (writing) from the University of Mary Washington and her MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. She also holds a Master of Banking certificate from Louisiana State University. She resides in Richmond, VA with her family.